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 Mythology of Asmundr

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There are several gods that the canines of Asmundr believe in, how many actually believe in the same gods is unknown. Canines in the south may believe in different gods, call them by different names, and worship them in a whole different way. There are two types of gods, the ones that comes from the skies, and the ones that walk among the living. Some gods are terrifying beasts that can kill entire prides and packs, other gods are the light that guides lost souls.

The Sky Gods
The Sky Gods is what the animals call the lights that sometimes appear in the sky, both in the day and night time. Kainan, Niita and Lifa first saw the lights in chapter 1 where they appeared at the top of the mountain. The Sky Gods are also known and worshipped by the felines of Runi territory. Even though they are the highest power there is, they also must follow a set of rules. They can't interfere with the gods that walk among the living. If Fridulfr, the wolf of peace, is guiding someone into the light, the sky gods can't take control and interrupt the process.


Manegarm is a beast that roams Anundr territory. The animals speak of a runestone that is said to be risen by Manegarm where he also wrote a warning for anyone that passes through. Manegarm is restricted to this territory and can not step outside of the border. It is extremely important that dogs that enter his realm remain calm and submissive, the slightest disrespect will wake Manegarm and he will kill whoever it was that disrespected him. Manegarm can't kill on his own and therefor has to possess various animals or trees to be able to do damage on his prey. After each kill he retreats back to his runestone and rests. Even though Manegarm is an immortal god, he can still get hurt while he is possessing an animal. If the animal is wounded so is Manegarm. It's been revealed that Manegarm can remove the sin of his victim if he finds a reason to spare their life. Manegarm is completely red with a red glow coming out of his nostrils, mouth and eyes. Someone who is possessed by Manegarm will have red eyes.

Kainan and the Rehvas pack of Rodgeirr are the only ones that has seen and spoken to this god. They refer to him as the Guardian. At first this god was seen as a crystal statue but can also take a more living form where he has fur and can move around freely. He was believed to be a god limited to the ground, but later it was revealed that he is in fact a Sky God.

"Wolf of peace" is believed to be the guiding light when a soul dies. Very few live to tell about their meeting with this god, since many of them pass on to the afterlife, but those who do survive their meeting with Fridulfr, described seeing a very beautiful female who had the head of a canine and body of a feline. Johaan was said to be brought back alive by this god, as told by Manegarm and when Frea passed away she gave her life to Zahira.

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Mythology of Asmundr
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