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 Lore and Mythology

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Lore and Mythology

Keeper of the Dead

Eiga- Own, possess
Feigr- Dead

Black smoke, horse-like with a long neck. Transparent except for the few bones that can be seen, like the spine, neck and ribs. White, glowy eyes.
Has a cold, weak and crispy voice. Talks in a whisper.

Will surround the one wanting to make an offer with black smoke.
Is calm as long as the one interacting with him listens to his instructions and agrees to make a deal. If no bargain is made, he will become aggressive. He will shine a bright, blinding light and
a strong wind will blow the visitor off his mountain.

Rune translation:
“I am the Keeper of the Dead
I lead the souls of the deceased to the afterlife
or to their punisher
If you wish your loved one to live again, seek me
I will drag them back from the darkness
As payment for my deed
you must barter someone to fill the void"

Spirit of Misery

Wretched, miserable

Large, canine, lizard-like creature. Solid black with yellow, glowy eyes. Has a thin, split tongue and muscular arms. Mostly walks on all fours but can stand upright and walk on his hindlegs. Has a pair of antlers on his head and a long, whip-like tail. Has open flesh wounds scattered across his body and fresh blood is dripping off his antlers and mouth.
Black fog and flies follows him wherever he walks.

Doesn't speak, but instead makes a low, rumbling growl.
Always has an evil smirk across his face.

Rune translation:
"I am Ghoul Vesall.
Together with the beasts of the night, I shall crawl towards you
With my long claws I shall shred your skin
With my jaws I shall break your bones
I shall devour what is left of you and you will be mine
At nightfall you shall rise once more as my servant
You shall forever scream from the pain caused
as you left the world you knew and entered the other side
I am the spirit of misery
Welcome to my realm.”

Spirit of Strength


This spirit appears in the shape of a storm, the wind it creates can have devastating results and cause damage to a large area, but only the area surrounding its rune-stone. The eye of the storm will take shape of a striped feline with crepe colored glowing eyes.

Is highly aggressive and will grab whoever is making the bargain and lift them up in the air where it will give off a thundering roar.
If the bargain is cancelled or interrupted, lightning will strike and everyone near it will be in danger. However, the storm will be brief and it will quickly fade as the spirit retreats back to its stone.

Rune translation:
"I can bless you with destructive strength
I can make your skin resilient to the piercing of a knife,
the infection of disease
Yet do not expect power to come absent cost
I shall corrupt you, I shall cloud your mind
For this is what you deserve for choosing the path of greed
You can break my blessing if you are seen for who you truly are
Only through murder , may you be released”
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Lore and Mythology
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