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 The Beastiary

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Korp "Raven"
Family: Corvidae
The ravens of Asmundr are very loyal, when they find a partner they mate for life. But these ravens are different than the common ravens, it's not unusual that a raven gets attached to Rifles and Jaros. They can have a tight relationship with these birds and they are a highly respected member of the family. Killing a korp is considered a hideous crime and the canine is believed to be punished for his kill, the pack treats the killer as an outcast and the punishment is then up to the Gods. All Korp birds have red eyes.

Varg fugl "Wolf bird"
Family: Corvidae
The Varg fugl is another member of the Corvidae family, it looks like a raven but is larger, is of solid white color and got pink eyes. These birds are aggressive, intelligent and loyal to their master. The legends say that these birds are the eyes of the Shield Wolf species.

The Rifle is a large sized canine and purebred ones are hard to find. They are athletic canines and individuals often possess great combat skills. The Rifle was the first canine to learn how to craft and use knives.

The native breed of the scandinavian forests. This breed has great hunting and tracking skills, they are swift with knives and spears.

Current status unknown and is believed to be near extinction, this breed has adapted to live in the desert and savannah. Their legs are long and thin, they got great tracking skills and handling spears is something they are experts in.

The Royale is closely related to the Rifle but classified as a seperate breed. While the Rifle is a northern breed the Royale has a shorter coat and is most often found roaming the coasts. It's said that this breed is like a raven, possessed with shiny objects which makes them want to collect each piece they find.

Saudi Gazal
The Saudi is a lean, short coated breed, perfectly built for speed and agility. They thrive in warmer climates and usually live in large packs.

Also called Shield Wolf, once believed to just being a legend however recent encounters have proven that this species is very real and alive though only one wolf remains. The legends started with rumours of a wolf species that is a direct offspring of the evil Gods. The white raven is believed to have a special connection to these wolves and recent sightings prove that to be true. These wolves are often black with or without grey or red tones, all of them have white stripes somewhere on their body and a blue glowing mark. The mark reveals the energy of the wolf and wolves must interact with each other in order to refill their energy. A wolf can remain as a loner for max 5 years, after that the wolf must find another power source or they will die.

This species was created with the help of the Sky Gods. They mixed Liulfr genes with Jaro/Rifle genes to create a better species. The offspring mostly resemble the Jaro breed but the blue mark found in the Liulfr breed has changed, from being alien letters in a row to being two holes on each side of the head. The marking is no longer unique to each pup like on a Liulfr, but the same exact shape is seen on all offsprings. The pups also have medium long tails that may curl, tall, triangular ears and sabre fangs are present on both genders. It is yet unknown if this sub-species can interbreed with other Liulfrs or other dog breeds.

Breed Mixes
Rifle x Jaro: When these two breeds combine their offsprings get the best from both breeds. These offsprings are excellent hunters and fighters. When bred together the appearance mostly resembles the Jaro.

Dreyrugr "Blood stained"
The Dreyrugr is a raptor-like species that lives in the desert. A known location where they thrive is the territory Rodgeirr. This species is very agile in the sand and has long front claws to help them dig large tunnels. Their hindfeet are thicker and the toes are shorter.

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The Beastiary
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