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This website is designed to be a place that allows fans and a non-fans to comment on the webcomics Asmundr and Home.
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 Forum Rules

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Jarl Yarl
Jarl Yarl

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Wed 13 Dec 2017 - 0:14

1. You are free to say state your feelings on any aspect of the comic. Be it a plot hole, contrivance, or suggestion. You are safe to say what you feel here.
2. Act mature.
3. If you do not feel comfortable with people knowing who you are here, do not use a username to regularly use.
4. Do not post the works of Kique here. You are free to link to the wiki and/or the pages on smackedjeeves.

More rules will be added as they are needed. Users will be notified of rule changes.

This place is for EVERYONE, be it fan, passive viewer, or hater. Respect this.
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Forum Rules
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