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Imperial Moose
Montane, boreal forest, temperate grassland, temperate dry forest


General information:
Notorious as the beast of the Matriarch, the Matriarch is the only one who is allowed to have individuals of Imperial Moose captured and tamed.
Aside from having stripes across its body that glows in the night, they also have a nebula pattern that shimmers on the flat side of their antlers.
The tail is bushy and canine-like.

Behavior and traits:
Despite its size, it is a very timid and peaceful animal that rarely makes a sound as it wanders the forests and plains. It only makes itself known during the mating season, when the bulls begin to court the cows.
They are very social to their own kind, and individuals that are related may often stay together to form small herds.

Arwae Gazelle
Temperate grassland, tropical savannah, tropical dry forest, semi desert

Very rare

General information:
Despite its name, the Arwae gazelle is part of the giraffidae family.
It was named after a female Taiga lion that was the first to kill one.

Behavior and traits:
The Arwae Gazelle is a tall herbivore with thin, long legs and a powerful neck.
They are light brown with dapple markings covering the back up to the neck. These dapple markings will begin to glow when the night approaches to ward off any ghouls.
They are peaceful creatures that are often seen flocking with smaller herbivores. It is favored by other creatures to have near due to its ability to spot predators from a far distance.
They usually move at a slow pace, eating the very tops of the taller trees as they go.
When sensing danger, they will make short, high-pitched barks and start stomping with one leg to alert others. They may be slow moving at first, but once they've started they can get up to an impressive speed, making it impossible for canines and felines to catch up, therefore, a perfected ambush must be executed when hunting them.
A single kick from an Arwae can kill an inexperienced predator.
Because of their size, they have been chosen by tribes as their main prey. One Arwae kill can feed a large-sized tribe for many days, and one pelt can be cut up to be used for multiple things.
Canines can kill an Arwae using knives and spears, but they will need to be great in numbers and use a lot of stamina, while a single feline can make the kill within a few minutes, thanks to their skills at climbing and being able to reach the throat and cut off their airways.
Because it's been a popular prey since it's discovery, the Arwae Gazelle has been hunted almost to extinction, with only a few small families remaining in the far south.

Nova Antelope
Montane, boreal forest, temperate grassland, temperate dry forest


General information:
The most common choice as cattle due to them being very friendly and obedient.
They easily reproduce in captivity and rarely get stressed.

Behavior and traits:
The Nova antelope is a very playful and social animal. They stay in huge herds that include both sexes, as bulls are only aggressive towards each other during the mating season.
Both bulls and cows have large, ringed horns, while the horns on the bulls are slightly larger.
They vary in coloration and each antelope has its own unique pattern.
Both sexes often partake in play fights and sparring.

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The Bestiary
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